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19 Dec. 2017

Upgrade your RC Transponder

Upgrade your RC Transponder

Get ready for the future! Upgrade your current AMBrc, AMBrc DP, cloned or MYLAPS RC2 transponder to a new RC4 or RC4 Hybrid transponder, and get a discount of more than 40%! The light-weight RC4 and RC4 Hybrid transponders are the only transponders that are compatible with the newest MYLAPS RC timing system and guarantee the most accurate and reliable results & insights.


To prevent timing issues with conflicting cloned transponders and to make sure that all MYLAPS transponder users can register their transponder to their personal account, MYLAPS has made firmware available which will be the standard for new RC4 decoders. With this new firmware cloned transponders and older AMBrc/MYLAPS RC2 transponders are no longer detected by the timing system.

If you use cloned transponders or older AMBrc/MYLAPS RC2 transponders, we recommend you to use our trade-in offer.

Upgrade in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Place your order
Place your order in the MYLAPS Speedhive Shop. When your order is placed successfully, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. Please note that your new transponder will have a different ID.

Step 2: Send your current transponder
Send your current MYLAPS transponder or cloned transponder together with the printout of your order confirmation e-mail to the MYLAPS office in your region. Find the addresses of the nearest office here!

Step 3: Get your new MYLAPS RC4 Transponder
As soon as we receive your MYLAPS transponder or cloned transponder and the printout of your order confirmation, we will send the new MYLAPS RC4 / RC4-Hybrid Transponder to your shipping address. Please consider up to 3 weeks shipping time depending on demand.



This offer is valid until March 31, 2018.