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28 Jan. 2018

The ultimate guide for your X2 Transponder

The ultimate guide for your X2 Transponder

Preparing your vehicle for races and racing itself is enough of a challenge. To help you out and make your life a bit easier, we've created this ultimate guide for you to get the most out of your X2 Transponder. Let's start racing!


Step 1: Your Personal Account

By creating your Personal Account and registering your transponders to it you can gain insights into you results. New graphs provide you with detailed performance overviews and make comparison easier.

  • Head over to speedhive.mylaps.com, create an account and log in
  • After logging in, click My Products on the top right corner
  • Click Register Transponder and enter your new X2 Transponder number

Note: Your subscription will start as soon as the transponder is registered, but you still have to activate it!

Step 2: Activate your X2 Transponder

Before use, you need to activate your X2 Transponder. The MYLAPS Connect software helps you do this.

  • Click to download the software (Windows or Mac)
  • After downloading and installing the software, follow the guide below to activate your X2 Transponder

Or watch the video to follow the steps for activating your transponder:


The more you know, the faster you go – Fun Facts:

Your account does more than just showing that your transponder is registered. Your personal account lets you:

> Look at all your results from races and training sessions
> Perform extensive data analysis
> Check your Event Results and Live Timing in the free Speedhive App
> Compare your results to colleagues – or to your competitors
> Share your lap times with one click on your social media


After you have activated your transponder, it is time to install it. Just follow the quickstart guide and you’ll see how easy it is.

  1. Download the quickstart guide.
  2. Depending on the type of X2 Transponder (rechargeable or direct power), install the X2 Transponder and X2 RaceKey Mount in the correct position on your vehicle. *
    * – For Direct Power only: place the X2 RaceKey in the X2 RaceKey Mount during racing to make sure it has the latest license information.
    * – For Rechargeable only: make sure you charge your X2 Transponder before racing.

Note: Make sure you activate your X2 Transponder before you head to the track.

The more you know, the faster you go – Fun Fact:

MYLAPS transponders are used all over the world. Do you ever watch NASCAR, MOTOGP or IndyCar? They use X2 Transponders!


After activating and installing your X2 Transponder, it is time to start using it!

  1. Rechargeable: before racing, make sure your X2 Transponder is charged through the X2 RaceKey. Also, the X2 RaceKey doesn’t need to be connected during the race.
  2. Direct Power: place the X2 RaceKey in the X2 RaceKey Mount during racing.
  3. Unsure about your transponder’s battery status, or about your subscription? The LED lights on the key help you out! Check the LED-guide in the manual for all the ins and outs.

Not racing every weekend? When you haven’t used your X2 Transponder for a while, be sure to connect it to your X2 RaceKey before you start using it again.

Battery management

To prepare your X2 Transponder the battery will need to be charged at least for 4 hours. Please make sure to charge the transponder at least with intervals of 6 months to secure a healthy battery. Don’t keep the transponder on a charger longer than necessary.

The more you know, the faster you go – Fun Fact:

X2 Transponders feature supercharging. The X2 Transponder will fully charge in only 4 hours. A fully charged X2 Transponder will enable you to use it for 5 days – which will easily get you through a weekend filled with training sessions and races. Forget to charge the transponder before the race? An hour of charging will make it last for a day!


You’re all set!

Should you have any questions, please take a look at our FAQ.