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10 Oct. 2017

Everything you should know about your MYLAPS Transponder

Everything you should know about your MYLAPS Transponder

No matter what you race - we understand you don't want to worry about anything besides getting around the track as fast (and safe) as you can. Your X2 Transponders can actually help you with both goals - getting faster and getting there safely. Read the complete guide to transponders here!

No matter if you race cars, motorbikes, karts, MX bikes, lawnmowers or anything else with (or without) an engine – you’re always busy and we totally understand that you don’t want to spend time on unnecessary distractions. No worries: we’re here to help. Below you find an overview of pretty much everything there is to know about different sorts of transponders, their colors, installing them and more.

Good luck at the track!


X2 Transponders

We introduced the X2 Transponders a while back as the new generation transponders. With the transponders came the X2 timing system, which gets installed at a rapidly increasing number of tracks and circuits around the world.


AMB Transponders versus MYLAPS Transponders

Short story: MYLAPS is AMB’s new name. So, if a race organization says AMB transponders are required, MYLAPS ones are the ones you need. Good news: all new MYLAPS transponders are backward compatible: a brand new X2 Transponder will work perfectly on a 15-year old timekeeping system (as long as the system is AMB / MYLAPS, of course).

Which X2 Transponder do I need?

There are three models X2 Transponder available: a Car/Bike model, one for Kart racing and a model for MX racing.

Car & Bike

The Car/Bike version is used for auto and motorcycle racing. They replace the red TranX 260 transponders and can be recognized by the red details on the transponder and the Car & Bike icons. These transponders can be used for speeds of up to 260 km/h or 160mph.



X2 Kart transponders replace the yellow TranX160 transponders and are recognizable by the yellow details and a Kart icon. This transponder can measure speeds of up to 120 km/h or 74 mph and is best installed at a height of maximum 60 cm. from the track (2 ft.).



The X2 MX Transponder is the successor of the orange MX transponder, and – as you have probably guessed by one – features orange details and an MX icon. The maximum installation height for X2 MX Transponders is 120 cm. (4 ft.) and the max. detection speed is 120 km/ or 74 mph. MX Transponders are used by all sorts of mx-related races, including quad racing, snocross, lawnmower races – and more!


Rechargeable / Direct Power transponders

All X2 Transponders are available as rechargeable and direct power transponders.

The main difference between rechargeable and direct power transponders is the way in which they charge: directly, from your vehicle’s battery (direct-power version), or before you get racing, through any power source (rechargeable). X2 Transponders take only 4 hours to fully charge them and one hour of charging will get you through a day of racing.

Direct Power transponders take a bit more time to install, but once they are there, you won’t have to worry about them anymore. They are generally installed in the same position as you would with a rechargeable transponder, the extra work goes into making sure that your X2 RaceKey Mount connects to the transponder while being (sort of) visible in your cockpit. You want to be able to look at your X2 RaceKey because it will show you some really valuable information – such as the status of your subscription. If your subscription is not active, your transponder won’t work and you will not get any results.

When your vehicle doesn’t have a power source, or when you want to use your transponder on multiple vehicles, a Rechargeable transponder makes sense. You will only have to install an X2 Transponder Mount (you get one with every X2 Transponder package). With the mount, you can easily and quickly mount and dismount your transponder. Just make sure you sufficiently charge your transponder before mounting it onto your vehicle – 1 hour of charging means one day of racing, 4 hours of charging equals 5 worry-free race days.


What about subscriptions?

All new MYLAPS transponders come with a subscription. This offers a couple of pretty neat benefits:

  • As long as you have a valid subscription, your transponder is fully covered by warranty and insurance. That means that when something happens to your vehicle and your transponder brakes down, we will either fix it or replace it with a new one.
  • Low entrance costs for transponders. If you just started racing, or when you’re not sure how long you want to continue racing, you can simply go for a cheap 1-year subscription, and see where you go from there. On the other hand, when you are absolutely certain that you will race for many years to come, you can pick a 5-year subscription, install the transponder onto your vehicle, no longer worry about it – and pay a lower fee per year.

The first time you buy an X2 Transponder, you will always pay a small fee for the hardware, and one for the subscription. When your initial subscription is about to expire, we will send you an email to remind you about this, and you can choose whether or not you want to renew the subscription. If you decide to add another 1, 2 or 5 years to your subscription, you will only pay for the subscription, since you already have the hardware.