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15 Oct. 2019

🏁Pole Position: Lisette Grinwis🏁

🏁Pole Position: Lisette Grinwis🏁

This week Lisette Grinwis is in Pole Position. The upcoming Dutch kart racer shares her passion for racing, tells us how she prepares for a race, her achievement and goals for the future.

Who are you and where are you from?

“My name is Lisette Grinwis, I am 14 years old coming from the Netherlands and live in a village called Assendelft. My hobby is outdoor go karting and kickboxing. In the future I would like to become a professional race driver but currently I am studying car mechanics.”

Could you introduce yourself in five words?

“Go-getter / studious / fearless / enthusiastic / energetic”

What type of racing do you perform and since when?

“I started go karting in a Trulli kart when I was 9 years old. In a short period after I got the Trulli  kart, I won a brand-new parolin rocky (4-takt) from Kart Centre Lelystad. I trained at least two days per week and drove at least 80 laps on a Wednesday afternoon. After that I drove Toyota Starlet on an oval race track when I was 11 years old. But as I preferred to drive a go kart I had to choose. I chose to sell my go karts and Toyota Starlet and bought a brand-new Tecno kart with Rotax Max junior engines. I trained the last one and a half year almost every weekend on big racing tracks. Now I just have a new sponsor Ulf Thulin AB who paid for my new engine IAME X30 which I now have for about 3 weeks. As I want to join the GK4 next year together with the Young Drivers Academy from Stefan Buitelaar. He is my teacher now.”

What is your favorite circuit? And what is your best time at this circuit?

“My favourite circuit is the ‘Schumacher track’ in Kerpen (Germany). I drive approx. 47.35 seconds with my Rotax Max junior engine for one lap.”

When did you start using Speedhive? And has it helped you to develop as a racer?

“I use the Speedhive app ever since I started driving Parolin rocky.  It is really easy. As you can see the results on your phone. Also from the competition. And of course you want to get better results. Speedhive is showing you your best lap of the day as well. But it is a pity that this does not always work on every track every day. They only enable the results & live timing on the day before a race and during a race.
Within the app my favourite feature is simply checking my results such as lap times and before a race I check the results of my competitors.”

How do you prepare for a race?

“What works best for me is training a lot on the track before the race takes place, this is key. Before a race my mentor and I discuss the race plan and then right before the race starts, I get dressed and put my transponder on my kart. From that point I am 100 percent focussed. I don’t perform any rituals before the start. “

Which weather type are the perfect conditions for you?

“The condition that suit me best are dry conditions, although in Parolin Rocky I performed better in the rain. The thing about racing in the rain is that controlling the kart is the hardest part. Of course for the spectators it is better to have dry weather.”

What is the biggest achievement?

“My biggest achievement is that I turned to be winter champion at the Parolin Rocky competition at Kart Centre Lelystad when I just turned 11 years old. And it was great I got invited to enter The Girls on Track by the Knaf/FIA at Le Mans. It was quite an experience to be able to participate. Furthermore, it was an achievement to become part of Stefan Buitelaar’s YDA team and Ulf Thulin AB’s team. In addition of course the fact that MYLAPS asked me to be in the advertisement movie. It was a great pleasure to be a part of it and the results turned out to be very cool.”

What is/are your next goal(s)?

“My next goal is to enter the GK4 championship and my dream is to get to be a racing driver in the future and becoming as good as Liesette Braams and Indy Dontje. It is a long way, especially without sponsors, so I hope to get more sponsors in the near future.”