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24 Apr. 2019

🏁Pole Position William Wend🏁

🏁Pole Position William Wend🏁

“Racing is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. From the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep I am always trying to improve myself.”

This week William Wend is on Pole Position. What are the hardest aspects of racing and his most memorable moments on the race track? Continue reading to find out!

Will is an American motorbike racer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and competes for the Florida Motorcycle Road Racing Association (FMRRA) as well as South Florida Mini GP.


When did you start racing?

“I started racing about 3 years ago, at the age of 26. My first race I will never forget, it ended up raining! Luckily, I was prepared with special rain tires, but I still had no practice on them! It was very stressful and scary because I did not want to crash my first race and my parents were also watching me. Thankfully I finished the race without any incidents and I didn’t finish in the last place!”


How does Speedhive help you with your racing?

“I use Speedhive constantly during my own race weekends. Not only to keep track of my own times, but also to follow the results of the people I am racing against. Of course, during my own races, or when I am watching friends race or even when I’m a bit bored. I just hop on the app and check to see who’s leading the pack!” Press here to see Will’s results on Speedhive.


What was your most special race?

“My most special race was the first time I went to Daytona in October 2018 for the Race of Champions. The main event was the 55 lap Race of Champions team challenge where we drove to a 2nd place finish in the LWT class! Daytona being such an iconic and eventful race really hit a special place in my heart. The whole team was there supporting and helping out throughout the entire weekend, it was truly unforgettable.”



There are many iconic tracks around the world, what is your favorite?

“My favorite track I have ever raced on was Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas. Everything about it was phenomenal. From the garages to the organization running the event to the track itself! Coming up the hill to turn 1 to hit the hairpin left and go back down the hill into the curves of turns 3-6 is something a Florida boy does not experience too often.”


What do you find the hardest aspect of racing?

“The hardest aspect of racing is being able to support it financially. Race fees, tires, parts, training – all costs money. Motorcycle racing can get expensive if you are not smart with how you operate. I have built relationships with local shops and companies which help cut costs on parts, services, and shop time. I have also teamed up with partners to sell my merchandise which helps pay for the expenses involved.”


Who are your biggest fans?

“My biggest fans without a doubt are my family. My beautiful girlfriend and my loving daughter are always there to cheer me on for my races. Sometimes my parents are able to come out and watch as well, but if they cannot make it, they are first to hear about it at the end of the day. Being a racer is not just a one-man sport, there is so much behind it, that you cannot see from the outside. To prepare for a race season financially as well as emotionally and mechanically takes time and dedication that everyone in my family is a part of. I am forever grateful to race with their ongoing support.”


Thanks for sharing your story Will! We wish you all the best in your future racing career and we will see your progress on Speedhive!


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