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28 Mar. 2019

🏁Pole Position Valentin Debise🏁

🏁Pole Position Valentin Debise🏁

It is time to meet Valentin Debise. A born racer with international professional racing experience in Moto2, Supersport World Championships, and the MotoAmerica Superbike Championship.

Valentin grew up in a small town called Albi, which is located in the south of France. At the age of six years, Valentin started racing, which has led to an amazing career. This year Valentin races in the French Superbike Championship.

How to experience progress

With countless years of racing experience, Valentin is not a stranger to a motorbike. But in order to keep pushing and improve, race insights are important. “I use the Speedhive App weekly when I practice on tracks using Speedhive. It gives me great insights into my performance and bike setup. It helps me to improve and understand where time can be won. Speedhive makes me a better racer.”  

Getting in a racing state of mind

“Preparation for a race is extremely important. With experience comes a routine which I follow. It starts with cardio, either a short run or cycling on a home trainer in the team truck for 15 minutes. From there I focus on upper body warm-up and stretching. About 15 minutes before my session I suit up in my racing gear. After that, I close my eyes and mentalize the circuit for a couple of laps thinking about what I want to implement in my riding. Just before going on track, the chief mechanic gives a final briefing (less than a minute) than I am ready to race.”

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