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06 Jul. 2020

Nothing beats an original MYLAPS transponder

Nothing beats an original MYLAPS transponder

Back in 1982, two Dutch brothers were fed up having to time blazing fast RC races with only a simple stopwatch. They figured there had to be a better and more accurate way to keep track of start and finish times.

The brothers spent night and day in their work shed in Heemstede, the Netherlands, when suddenly one evening they finally had a breakthrough.

Using state-of-the-art technology they developed a highly accurate automatic timing system and revolutionized timekeeping in sports.

Soon all national and international races were timed with the MYLAPS timing system.

Transponder trade-in

Are you still racing with an old RC transponder? If so, then did you know that it’s worth a lot more than you think? That’s why we created a special trade-in program for you. Now you can get rid of your old transponders for the best new RC4 Pro transponder, and save lots of money! 

Keep in mind, when racing with old RC transponders you risk lap times not being registered by the MYLAPS timing system.

Trade-in your current AMBrc, AMBrc DP, MYLAPS RC2 transponder and get a big discount on a new RC4 or RC4 Pro transponder!

The original MYLAPS transponder introduced a whole new dimension to racing, making it more accurate and competitive.

Any modern timed sporting event can be traced back to these roots.

Go original with the RC4 Pro transponder

Over the years MYLAPS has continued to innovate and develop even more accurate transponders.

Our latest RC4 Pro transponder in pitch black design has the highest accuracy on the market. So we’ll even let you know when you’ve only improved a millisecond.

  • 25% smaller than the RC4 transponder
  • A shorter 8 cm cable ensures a perfect fit every time
  • It weighs only 3 grams