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15 Apr. 2019

New features Speedhive app!

New features Speedhive app!

Our Speedhive development team has been very busy working on awesome new features, check them out now!


Lap Chart 

Lap Chart offers you more graphical insights into your race session. This new feature enables you to compare your data with your fierce competitors in the Lap Graph or replay the whole race with Lap Chart.



Live Stats & Announcements

With Live Announcements in Live Timing, you will not miss a single thing anymore. You will be kept in the loop with the latest information and statistics of your racing session.

Not only will you receive live announcements of the event, but you can also find all kinds of details about the race, such as ‘Total Laps by Leader’ and ‘Most Takeovers’ in the Session info section.

To access Live Announcements, click on ‘Live Timing’ and pick a racing session that is happening live right now, then press the small i icon at the top.

Note, this only works in Live Timing. If you’re missing your event, please contact your event organizer.



Share Your Results

What better way than to celebrate your best racing performances with your friends and followers using our new ‘Podium Place’ feature.

You can find ‘Podium Places’ by clicking on ‘My Results’ and then selecting the event of your race and going to your session.

Not on the podium? No worries, you can also share a nice card with your personal results!



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