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04 Oct. 2017

MYLAPS introduces transponders for drone racing!

MYLAPS introduces transponders for drone racing!

Drone racing is probably one of the coolest new types of sports we have seen in a while. It combines the skills and chaos of RC racing with flying – how great is that? We’re sure that drone racing will soon become a serious business and to support drone race fanatics, we have created a timing system to match the speed and maneuverability of race drones: the MYLAPS Drone Racing System!


The DR5 Transponder

The system comes with lightweight transponders: the DR5 Transponder. All drone racers need to do is simply install it onto their drone and they are good to go. In combination with the system that is installed onto the course, lap times and sometimes even sector times can be measured – depending on the set-up.


One of the awesome things about drone racing is that basically, all you need is an empty parking lot or an open field and some drones. Our drone system was made with this freedom and versatility in mind – you’re not looking to bring two trucks full of equipment and spending half a day setting up a system. All the system needs are a decoder, a laptop with some software and as many detection loops as you require. Detection loops are the system’s antennas and can be installed around gates, that’s how the passing times of every drone is measured.


We know that accidents happen (probably more than you want) at drone races. Drones crashing into each other or flying into gates instead of going through them – it just happens. So, drone racing requires a really tough transponder that will also survive big drops. The DR5 Transponder is made out of top-notch plastic and the precious parts inside are poured in epoxy, we dare say it is probably the toughest drone transponder you can get.

Talking about the precious parts inside: these ensure that your drone will be detected up to speeds of well over 120 km/h (75 mph). And the size of this DR5 Transponder? 31 x 35 x 15mm, with a weight of 20 grams – you’ll definitely be able to find a spot on your drone for this!