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15 Jun. 2018

Get Personal

Get Personal

Check out these new cool features in the MYLAPS Speedhive App.

Make a bold statement with your Speedhive profile



It’s all about sharing



Share your driving skills with your followers by adding videos to your Speedhive profile.
Or add your all-time favorite racing videos! Simply copy the YouTube link to add a video.



Without a selfie it doesn’t count



Snap an awesome selfie or upload an image with your racing stats.
You can choose to overlay your picture with your position, best lap, positions gained or event info.

Now make sure to share you cool selfie with friends and family on your favorite social platform.



It’s more fun with friends



Never miss a result from your friends anymore.

Follow your friends or favorite driver and get notified of their latest racing activities.



To follow someone, go to the race they participated in, then click on their name and tap on “Profile”, here you will find the
“Follow” button.

Head over to the Speedhive “Notifications List” to easily find what your friends have been up to.

This can be found under “My Results” and can be accessed by clicking on the bell in the top right corner.












Check out these features and more

in the Speedhive app