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02 Oct. 2017

Installing your X2 Transponder

Installing your X2 Transponder

Have you registered and activated your X2 Transponder? Off to step two: installing it! Depending on your vehicle and transponder type (rechargeable or direct power), the installation may slightly differ.

Installing the X2 Transponder

So, you have just successfully registered and activated the transponder. We’re off to step two: installing it onto your vehicle!

Depending on the sort of vehicle you race and the series you race in, the prescribed position can slightly differ. Please check with the race organizers or officials from your series where they would like you to install the transponder. The installation also slightly varies based on whether you have a Direct Power or a Rechargeable X2 Transponder.

Installing a Rechargeable Transponder

Rechargeable transponders are best installed with the provided mount, this ensures you can easily take it off and clip it onto your vehicle for charging. On motorbikes and MX bikes, most series prescribe to install the mount on the bike’s front fork, at a maximum height of 120 cm (4ft.). For karts, a maximum height of 30 cm (1ft.) is advised, usually, the preferred position is on one side of the chassis. For car racers, the most common position to install the mount is in one of the front wheel arches, at a maximum height of 60 cm (2ft.).

The mount can be tied to the fork by using cable-ties.



Direct Power Transponders

For Direct Power users, the position to install the transponder is the same. In some cases, you might not want to use the mount but simply install the transponder directly onto the chassis or in the wheel arch – you’re not going to take off the transponder after every race (that’s why you bought a direct-power version, right?). An additional part that comes with the Direct Power transponder is the X2 RaceKey Mount. This should be mounted in your sight when racing – we suggest your kart or car’s dashboard or the front of your bike’s steering wheel. The mount is attached to the X2 Transponder through the provided cable, and will hold your X2 RaceKey.

The X2 RaceKey shows whether or not your subscription is activated and active – vital if you want to race!