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13 Feb. 2018

Check out the newest Speedhive features

Check out the newest Speedhive features

This winter we’ve been working hard at MYLAPS to bring out some cool new features for the 2018 racing season. The free MYLAPS Speedhive app is the best way to access official results of motorsports events all over the world. You can use Speedhive to view live race data, connect your personal MYLAPS account, compare lap times, and much more.

The MYLAPS Speedhive app is available for Android and iOS. If you don’t have the Speedhive app yet, click here to download the iPhone App, or here for the Android app.







Follow Friends

The Speedhive app gets even more fun when you can find, invite, and follow your friends. Now you can follow all Event Results of your friends and get notified when their results have been published.

Live Video

Follow your favorite races live on the Speedhive website or in the app and see how drivers stack up against each other. If your races don’t show up on the Speedhive Live Timing Website, then make sure to ask your race organizer or timer for this cool feature.

Share Podium Places

Share your hard-fought podium places with your friends and followers on your favorite social media platforms.

Live Stats & Announcements

Stay up-to-date with the latest live announcements and statistics of your racing sessions on the Android and iPhone Speedhive app.

Live weather forecast

Be fully prepared for your race by checking your local weather forecast on the Speedhive website.

Profile Avatar

Personalize your Speedhive app profile by adding a unique avatar that links to your public page.